Winter Clothing Drive

Winter Clothing Drive

Oct 17/18 and Oct 24/25

285Saint Joseph Youth Ministry is conducting a Winter Clothing Drive on the weekend’s of Oct 17/18 and 24/25 to support local homeless and poor.  We are primarily looking for donations of: gently used men’s, women’s and children’s coats, warm socks, mittens/ gloves and hats, but will also accept sweaters, boots, scarfs, sleeping bags, blankets, hand/feet warmers, and ChapStick.

All items must be clean and in good condition.  They will be taken to the Survival Center in Turners Falls for free distribution to the neediest.

Drop your donation off at the parish church, located at 34 Monroe Ave. in Shelburne Falls.
Thank you!

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Pray For a Successful Surgery

Please pray for a successful surgery as Fr. Tony goes back under the robotic knife at Mercy Hospital this morning to make permanent repairs to his plumbing.  I will keep everyone informed via this post as to how he is doing and when he gets back to the rectory.  Hail Mary…

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Bishop Rozanski Celebrates Mass at St. Joseph Church

Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski celebrates Mass at St. Joseph on Sunday, September 13, 2015.  Members of the Greenfield Council of the Knights of Columbus #133 also attended the Mass to honor the Bishop.  Also celebrating the Mass were Pastor Fr. Tony Cullen and Pastor Emeritus Fr. Jack Roach.  The Bishop is still in the process of his familiarization tour, visiting each of the Parishes in the Diocese since his appointment last year.

The Bishop said he had a great time and enjoyed his time with you!  Father Tony was very, very pleased with the visit.  Thank you all for making this another very memorable day for him.  Thanks also to our Family & Community Life Committee members for the delicious treats served during the reception.

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Jubilee Mass Video

Here are a couple of quick videos of Communion and the Recessional to give you an idea of the Mass, but it CANNOT give you any idea as to HOW HOT it was in the church that afternoon!

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Thank You From Fr. Tony’s Family

Dear Parishioners:

We, the Family of Fr. Tony, would like to thank you all for such kindness, concern and generosity to our brother, Anthony.

Father Tony is very dear to us and, as you have all found out, is a very dedicated priest.

Having three priests in the family, we are able to assess on a scale of one to ten (ten being the best) how our brothers are treated by the parishes they serve. We have unanimously awarded your parish a 10!!!!

Not only did you care for Father Tony during his near fatal illnesses, but you made his 40th Anniversary a very special occasion.

He has telephoned us all (no mean feat considering we are thirteen brothers and sisters!) and in great detail has enthused us about your generous preparations for and enthusiasm toward a truly wonderful celebration.

Father Tony said, at the family Anniversary Mass, that if he were ever to come back in another life (immediately pointing out that we don’t believe in reincarnation – never one to miss a chance to teach!) that he would only come back as a priest.  Now we know why!  Who wouldn’t want to come back to a parish with parishioners like yourselves.

Father Tony’s sense of humor comes from the family, and so to finish we would like to tell you this little story…

“A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was running as fast as she could, trying not to be late for bible class, as she ran she prayed, “Dear Lord, please don’t let me be late, please don’t let me be late.”  While she was running and praying, she tripped on a curb and fell, getting her clothes dirty and tearing her dress.  She got up, brushed herself off and started running again.

As she ran once again, she began to pray, “Dear Lord, don’t let me be late, but please don’t shove me either!”

– The Cullen Family

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St. Joseph Parish Presents Alternative’s Pregnancy Center With Donation

Father Tony presents Marie Beeching and Susan Maddern with our Change for Babies donation.

Father Tony presents Marie Beeching[R] and Susan Breeden[L] with our Change for Babies donation for 2015.

Each year between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the Parish distributes about 45 “Change for Babies” bottles provided by the Alternative’s Pregnancy Center of Greenfield to our parishioners.  They place their loose change, bills, or checks in the bottles and return them with their prayers for the clients who come to Alternative’s.  And while we lost the bottles 😦 this year, we were able to provide them with a check for the sum of $1,219.65!  Thank you again for your generosity.

To find out more information about what Alternative’s does, please visit their website.

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Bishop’s Statement on tragic killing of GySgt. Thomas Sullivan

“I join with the voices of others in our community and Church in expressing my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of [Gunnery Sergeant] Thomas Sullivan whose life was so tragically taken yesterday in Tennessee.

As a decorated member of our nation’s armed forces, he represented all that is good about our country, upholding our values and a willingness to put the needs of others ahead of self. Through his tours of duty, he sought to bring stability to corners of the globe too often visited by senseless violence.

At the same time he was a beloved son and brother, loved dearly by his family and fondly remembered by the Cathedral High School community as an upstanding student and alumnus.

I ask the entire diocesan community to remember Thomas Sullivan, and offer prayers of consolation for his family this weekend at all Masses.

And finally, let us all – those of every faith tradition – recommit ourselves to the cause of peace and understanding so that such misguided killings may not keep taking place.”

Most Rev. Mitchell T. Rozanski
Bishop of Springfield, MA

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